Apr 14, 2015

40 (Mini) RC Foiling Tris

From 40' Racing AC & Cruiser foiling to 4 feet speed machines. Pics and report sent by Ian Holt.

Ian: It makes me smile and appreciate the work, as I've been told many times by the readers : Keep it up
"Hi, I enjoy your website and the discussions around suitable boats for America's Cup. I for one was mesmerized by the footage of the previous cup and could not imagine the feeling of the skippers as they first achieved fully foiling gybes downwind, or as they bore off at the windward mark, standing some 5 metres above the water.

On a far more humble scale, you might enjoy these youtube links. These are my Mini40 multihulls, ie a 1/10th scale of the Formula 40 trimarans that were popular in Europe in the late 1980s. Full Pelt, Biscuits Cantreau, Adrenalin etc. 4 feet long, 4 feet wide, a maximum sail area of 0.9sq m (just to confuse the units) and that's about it.


Using an IGOTU GPS tracker on the boat I have clocked 28.8km/hr (you have to go to the end of this link to see the boat sailing)


Thought this might make you smile
Best Wishes
Ian Holt.