Apr 16, 2015

Italian Style

Images: Laurens Morel - Prada might be out of the Cup, but the Olympic campaign still has the Italian flag well up & flying. My favorite Nacra 17 team is by far the Italian 'super stars' Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri. With the logistical and media support of Lambi Cesari they are on a mission for Rio 2016.

Finishing 4th at the 2014 Nacra 17 Worlds they have secured the Italian spot, and now they will compete against several other talented local crews to decide who will represent their country at next Olympics.  Same process pending for other top teams like UK, France, Australia & Ned.  Arubies, US & Spain  are still looking for a spot.

Vito and Silvia have been showing top level and they are well positioned, nevertheless still much to go . Lamberto has reminded me to follow their campaign at their official web and a new fb page.

I might go to Punta Ala in September and will check if they are between events to visit them at home.

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