Apr 9, 2015

FP vs F20FCS: Round 2 this weekend @BA & dates for F20 Clinic @Eurocat

Image: MV / Juan & Nico. - No much testing to show followed the initial one, although they have been sailing some mins together. But now this weekend the 3 F20 will race against the lone ranger FP on a Long Distance scheduled for SAturday.  I pretend to shoot/film, you will have the results also.
All weather permitting.

This season in Europe Alex told me they expect around 15 FPs for the Eurocat, and Nacra will be present doing a clinic like the one Fer van West did in BA this summer. Excellent move for Nacra there to be present at the 2015 Eurocat on April 30, 16hs , remember to attend if possible, "Champagne" sailing at Yacht Club Carnac.

In our local matchups: who will win? Tough to say still,  if a long reach involved or calm weather the 20 will shine, if a more traditional course racing mode (we will use a fixed mark) and good foiling conditions  then the FP might stand the F20 power.