Apr 11, 2015


No racing today , 20 knots , later decreasing. Club PRO prefered to race tomorrow with better forecast. Although Nacra F20 crews were ready and sailing. The FP team was missing in action. Only justification , little hours sailing together, but it was a no show.

Two of the F20FCS went to blast the South East, Cruz & Mariano put the spi up going for it. That is a direct result of the FP using it in every condition, I know Nacra is going for some updates on their Spi.
Kudos to them for pushing the limits. Juan & Nico went out too.

Lets see tomorrow if we can complete the challenge.
Spi image taken from coast, no quality but good to see how the foiled with Spi up in 20knts with the Nacra F20FCS.

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