Apr 14, 2015

Formula Windsurfing Worlds 2015: Gonzalo Costa Hoevel Champ

All Images: Eric Bellande Productions 2015. Click for orgi size, Full Gallery at the event FB page -
Before sailing cats and following every single news & development, I did the same while surfing since a kid and then when Windsurfing shortboards & Formula too.

I followed the campaign of many Arg sailors like Francisco Pancho Goya (Wave World Champ and double front looper maestro) , Camau Espinola (2x Mistral , then 2x Tornado) , Martin Vari (Kite World Champ) and Gonza Costa Hoevel, who always was close to the FW title but never achieved first spot, until this year at the Azores where he literally blasted the fleet with 9 bullets in 12 races to grab that pending World Title.

All but Camau are from our local waters at San Isidro coast , 20km from BA downtown, a concentrated spot with several clubs keeping thousand boards & kites, one of them has also our main local F18, AClass & foiler fleet.

I have sailed in the A along Gonzalo many times this summer when he was training mainly on his foiling kite. He is up an flying with 5-6knots on his foiling board and foil type kite (no inflated ribs)

Gonzalo is a really nice guy who also raced some events in the F18, and of course I will pressure him to be present at our 2016 Worlds.

But now with the FW title under his belt Gonzalo will aim next the racing Kite one.
Azores FW Worlds Full results:  at formulawindsurfing.org/