Mar 9, 2015

RB Foiling Generation 2015 Series is Not looking for "World's Best Talents"

Image: RB. -- I've been informed that the Youth RB Series Foiling Generation will be only for youths living in the countries where the events are going to be held.
I really don´t get this decision and it is quite far away from the --- “We are looking for the world’s best talents”, said Red Bull Foiling Generation sports director Hans Peter Steinacher, inviting the new generation of sailors to take a step forward.--

No NED, GER, US, NZ or Australian, not even of course Arg or BRA youths will be allowed to participate this season. 

Not even Belgian Henry Demesmaeker can enter, so clearly we are not talking about the best young sailors.

To me this is a real fiasco from the organizers. What a better chance to do the same they did with the AC45s? 
You ask for sailor's CVs. you make a first filter and then you let race only the best no matter from where they came from. Selecting the best sailors should be a must to race the FPs in every aspect as for instance here in Arg I can set up at least 4 experienced youth crews in the 21-24yrs old., 20 and below I can only think of one with experience and talent to handle a race in this series.

I also confirmed that rules and limitations are RB sole responsibility
In 2015 You can only "step forward" if you are up to 20yrs and have one of these nationalities :
17. – 19. April Wakayama / Japan
26. – 28. June Weymouth / United Kingdom
10. – 12. July Malcesine/ Italy
07. – 09. August Malmö / Sweden
04. – 06. September Aarhus / Denmark
25. – 27. September St. Petersburg / Russia
19. – 21. October TBA / France