Mar 9, 2015

A-Class: Ronstan Midwinters 2015 @Key Largo, FL: Bruce Mahoney 1st

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Bruce Mahoney won the Ronstan 2015 with a 2015 DNA platform/foils. But the star of the event in my view was Woody Cope on a floating Nikita. First day they had calm winds and Cope scored 3 bullets, Second day with 12-17knots and he maintained position against the full foilers DNA & Exploders.Tying in pts with Bruce for the first place. This showing that clearly the Class can stay together in this current transition, although there is no way back from airtimes.

I respect Bimare and the Italian sailors going for their own alternative, but I think as the French Assoc proposed and I supported fully, that the best way is to implement an additional ranking on these transitions times. So much to learn in the A-Class to even reach the foiling stage, that is a pity having a split in Italy.

Ronstan Midwinters detailed equipment report sent by Bailey White written by Bob Hodges, both raced with Exploders, Bailey with Exp Z and Bob with J/Z Hybrid version from Exp, they finished 3rd & 4th respectively. Sam Armington 6th with his own built A:

"Day 1 had 3-6 knots of wind, very flat water. A Nikita with C boards won all three races but an Exploder with Z's had a 2-6-2 and an Exploder with J-Z's had an 11-3-3. Upwind, the Z Exploder raised his weather board while the J-Z Exploder kept both down and both had good pace. Downwind, both were raising their boards as high as possible (the Z board boat actually took one of them out and put it on the trampoline). The sailor on the Nikita is a very experienced A-Class sailor that is planning to convert his boat to a foiling setup.

Day 2 had 13-17 knots and the foilers dominated. Upwind the Exploder with J-Z boards was very fast, the Exploder with Z's (both down) struggled to keep pace. Downwind, the J-Z Exploder and the DNA with Z boards were close speed wise with a bit of edge to the top DNA Z sailor based on his experience and skill level.

Day 3 got cancelled due to high wind and storm cells.

The Exploder sailors are hoping for a new Z board that is similar to the DNA Z board. While the Exploder J-Z seems up to the task currently for performance, it's not as forgiving downwind. In under 8 knots, we still all believe that a well sailed C board boat is going to have the edge in performance even though we really closed the gap when comparing the light air racing at this event to the light air racing at our first event in Islamorada last month."

Top ten below , full results (31 boats) Here:

Rank SailNo Club HelmName R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st 311 Houston YC Bruce Mahoney 5 2 (14) 1 1 1 24 10
2nd 350 Gyc Woody Cope 1 1 1 3 (8) 4 18 10
3rd 230 Pontchartrain Bob Hodges (11) 3 3 2 2 3 24 13
4th 320 LLSC Bailey White 2 6 2 (7) 6 7 30 23
5th 3 NYRC Ben Moon 9 (dns) 4.6 rdg 4 3.5 2 55.1 23.1
6th 30 Sarasota Sailing Squadron Sam Armington 4 9 (19) 5 3.5 5 45.5 26.5
7th 73 n O.H. Rodgers 6 7 (13) 6 11 9 52 39
8th 211 Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club Danny Goritski 3 4 10 15 (ret) 16 80 48
9th 135 Bubba's Boat Yard & Chicken Shack Tracy Oliver 16 17 (24) 8 5 6 76 52