Jul 29, 2014

Formula 16 Europeans 2014 @Le Touquet: Day 1

For those asking/complaining why some boats/classes have more exposure than others... if someone can point me out results and pics I can publish them. No info on the event website yet: sites.google.com/site/assofrf16/european-f16-2014

Report below posted in comments. Sent your report/pics/results to catsailingnews gmail com
Sunday: Training Races
"With a sunny conditions and 9 knots from west flat sea, 2 races made with many fights on startings yet!
First is dominated by the Falcon with Kim Anne & Benjamin every where. 2nd BEL100 with Aurelie and Alec. Third the SUI1 with Andreas & Dominik
Second race was very disputed on starting. First BEL3 with Henry & Emile, followed by 2 teams on top : 2nd SUI1 Andreas & Dominik , Third Kim Anne & Benjamin
The championship is launched early!

Monday : 2 races
Several Vipers are coming from Erquy to defend their brand position from 2013 Travemunde.
First race:
Sunny with wind from north 15knots, high tide.
Start with a big rainy storm cloud oblige to modify the strategy of many teams.
The fleet is shared.
At the first round, AUS218 Viper with Daniel & Nathan are first followed by Cirrus with Boulogne & son

Endly the positions are hold 1: Daniel & Nathan, 2: Boulogne 3: Arnout & Klaas who are very happy!!
Second race:
The wind is growing to 20-22knots from North always!
The waves are growing also and the conditions become more hard .
The fleet is split with wind, but 1rst place is for Arnout & Klaas , 2nd for KIm Anne & Benjamin who show the Falcon on waves, third August & Stijn. GER 50 single arrives well 11th."