Jul 27, 2014

A-Cat: DNA 2014 smooth ride by PJ Dwarshuis

Video sent by DNA builder PJ Dwarshuis. Smooth rides on his new 2014 design. Same conf used by Ashby at Bordeaux. Four production builders are now offering foiling setups now: Exploder, Scheurer G7, Askell and DNA.
The beauty of the current proven foiling solution is that you still need to be a good sailor to fully take advantage of this mode while racing.

You can have stable foil rides for fun after some training and pitchs are almost gone. But as with downwind trap mode you need skills to make it work in the course. To me that should remain untouched, thus wands and other automatic/mechanical system should never be allowed in the A-Class.

I had a blast at Bordeaux in floating mode, and it was enough for me, but this is what we have now, so no much room that to adapt and enjoy the ride.
Sailor skills and the ability to maximize a non automatic flight control mode should remain key while racing though.

Right now foilers won in almost every condition as seen at Bordeaux, from 4 to 18knots. This is a great advantage the As have over the Moths, beyond the wider range of sailors weights an A can support.
Don´t get me wrong, Moths are incredible cool flying machines, I just like Multis better. 
Mastering both classes as Outteridge does would be the ideal scenario.

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