Jun 26, 2014

F16 Worlds 2014 @Newport: Fawcett-Dobie lead

On the favorites for the event I forgot to mention the Australian F16 Champ, Adrian Fawcett , who is currently leading with Jessie Dobie after 8 races.// Images above & report below sent by Gill de Bruyne - "Here are some pictures I received from the F16 Worlds in Newport, RI, USA.

Results after two days here: http://f16worlds2014.org/results
Today is the 3rd day of racing.

Very close racing in top 3 and still alot of possibilities with the discards.
Number one is Adrian Fawcett and Jesse (Falcon).
Two is Robbie Daniels (Viper)
Three is Sam and Ravi Parent (Viper)
Fourth is the Glasers (Falcon).

Also some singlehandlers fighting this race.
Brands represented: Falcon Marine with Falcons and still some Blades too & Goodall with the Viper..."