Jun 27, 2014

A-Cat Europeans 2014, Thursday: Rest Day Freesailing + Bordeaux

Rest Day at the 2014 Europeans so no racing on Thursday. The Arg Team went for a freesailing session, Michel from Cercle Voile Bordeaux gave a me a ride on one of the Club tender boats and I took some pics of my countrymen, no one else was sailing yesterday beyond 1-2 or more boats.

Sergio Mehl went foiling with his new Exploder, he was flying good in 8knots maybe. Foiling requires some technique and sailing hours. Ashby and other top sailors are putting huge gaps on the non foilers when conditions allows them to fly.
Jakub Kopylowicz has done a really good job on this boat and Arg sailors are quite happy with them. He also has devlivered many boats here at Bordeaux.
The Dna , Exploder & Scheurer G7 are in the top 3 , each has a different dagger foil conf, Dna & Exploder have Jakub's rudders with asymmetrical winglets and the G7 winglets on their own.

On Monday a report from Mischa Heemskerk on the development on the stepped dagger used by Dna. And next week the same on the Scheurer G7 & Exploder.

Pics are from Bordeaux, fully recommend to visit this City. Sail & race at CBV in Lac d'Hourtin and driving 50km to visit a special place.

Racing continues today Friday.
Results after 6 Races http://www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/resultsA/resultat/european-final-bis_s.htm
Cercle VOile Bordeaux Official Web http://www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/home.htm