Jun 8, 2014

AC62 vs AC72 Size Comp

Just a quick comparative and sketch renders of the AC62 to see the gral size of past and present Americas Cup flying multis.
The render published for the AC62 rules is a perfect merge between ETNZ AC72 hulls and Oracle AC72 elevated beams & aero package. The hulls are TNZ shape but with a lower freeboard. A good combo although TNZ platform was

way stiffer since day 1, so I draw them lower as the Kiwi boat had, but without the 'grand central' dolphin striker, that is replaced by the AC62 render system a la Oracle.
AC62 Wings will have only 2 elements, and is the one used (igs file provided by AC) in both models. The pole matchs the AC72s jib anchor point lenght. A clear indication that gennaker/reachers are not going to be used this time.

Oracle also needed to elevate those beams as their hulls didn´t had much freeboard, check past renders on this at:
- http://www.catsailingnews.com/2013/08/new-zealand-40knots-pitch-save-by-design.html
- http://www.catsailingnews.com/2012/11/ac72-design.html

This time hulls will not be a great part as all will be flying from the start of their campaigns. The performance target will be foiling in the lightest breeze possible (up&down wind) along achieving maximum control in higher winds. Oracle mastered in the last races the winning technique, but I still would like to see more human work and less hidraulic and control systems. The crew work done in the 45s was just the perfect combo on technology and sailing skills plus endurance, will nice to see the 45s airborne.

On the Protocol, I think Grant Dalton has some argument on the Org asking  3Millions previous knowing the venues, check a NZ radio interview here
For the rest still the Americas Cup and it should remain an elite & hard to get as it was even for Oracle in AC34.
They had a huge advantage on multis over TNZ and they did ended blasting the Kiwis with pure guts and develoments, but their first boat was a joke compared to NZ I and they had some luck on that calm weather race and wind limits.

Only complain so far is again the second spare boat for Oracle, not on training times and schedules but as a plan B if having the first one out/destroyed.

More renders of the AC62 later on the week, this just a preview to see the size diff between both versions while I prepare an interview with Pete Melvin & Gino Morrelli.