Jun 8, 2014

A-Class: Exploder 2014

Looking good. Jakub Kopylowicz has been working hard for his As since the Mayfly days. He continued to put hours all these years and managed to provide finally another competitive alternative in the class with the Exploder A13 version.

Following Dna steps towards flying he travelled to Takapuna Worlds with a new set of foils, literally cut off the dagger case of an A13 on the beach and provided Nathan a winning boat out of the boat in the mid range conditions. In higher winds those foils provided too much lift upwind and were later updated after many test in Europe.

Now after those tests the A14 is sailing smoother in higher winds and also seems to be flying good with not much breeze, as seen in this pics with Jason Waterhouse and Jacek Noetzel by UKS Navigo Open.

114 boats registered for the Europeans at Bordeaux.
Good fleet also for the 2014 North Americans coming this week , check IACA web for more info http://a-cat.org/?q=node/409  , preview video at http://vimeo.com/97688428