Sep 8, 2013

Americas Cup Final: Oracle vs Team New Zealand, Races 3 & 4 (Replay)

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If you like sailing just watch these two races again, Enjoy.

Text previous Racing: Spithill needs to go for the boat end at the Start and forget for an instance about getting penalties. TNZ always starts there, and even the AC45s past week had better results. Longer distance to the reaching mark but better angle/speed.

Data Analysis from Races 1 & 2. From our Anon top Pro contributor
Race 1 
- Tack loss 26m TNZ vs 38m for OR
- Gybe loss 22m vs 27
- Minimum Bottom Speed in tacks TNZ 11.5kn; Oracle 8.3kn.
- There were several port-starboard dips which I filtered out.
Race 2
- Tack loss 39m TNZ vs 36m for OR
- Gybe loss 29m vs 34
- Minimum BS in tacks TNZ 11.6kn; Oracle 10.2kn.

Upwind VMG is 0.9kn faster for TNZ in race 2.