Sep 9, 2013

AC34: "This is Not Sailing"... We finally Agree.. This is Madness!

Images ACEA / Abner Kingman / Gilles Martin Raget. More images at CSN FB
What else do you want me to say after yesterday?  Yes, they were all right , this is not Sailing, Match Race & Yachting as we knew them. Thanks for foreseeing that fact with much anticipation.
Catamarans took yesterday the traditional and great Americas Cup to a new State of Mind, to a new Level. 

12Mts, V5 and all past Monohull Classes Legacy & Tradition will live strong. But Multis are here to stay in the AC.
I was confident on a great match not on being a Catamaran freak, but only common sense... although I was short on how incredible this Final could develop.
Dalton  can do whatever he wants if TNZ wins, whichever the case there is no way other vessel beyond Catamarans can provide sailing fanatics and outsiders alike a Show like we've witnessed on Sunday. Out of words to describe it, see it for yourself again here

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