Aug 9, 2013

A-Class to vote 2015 Worlds Venue

Image Paula Kopylowicz . 2013 Euros at Barcelona. The IACA has decided to hold an Extra Ordinary meeting to decide who will host 2015 Worlds. With New Zealand turn at Takapuna only 6 months away the Class is urging it is members to vote.

Excerpt from IACA's President the Andrew Landenberger:
"...IACA committee and I have agreed that we need to run an extra ordinary WGM as soon as possible, solely to vote on the venue for the for the 2015 World Championships. We feel that waiting until the NZ worlds does not allow enough time for the potential organisers to prepare properly.

At this point we have bids from the UK and Poland. Until this point there has been no indication from any other country so unless another nation comes forward immediately we should consider the bids closed..."
Read full details at


- Italian Bid Presentation
- Polish Bid Presentation
- British Bid Presentation

Takapuna Worlds NOR & Entry Form at

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