Aug 8, 2013

Groupama C-Class Launched

Images Yann Riou. This is one good looking C-Class for Groupama. They have been training on SI Flying Phantom platform for a while and now they've launched their new C-Class. Foil arrangement has changed in daggers shape and rudder fixed attachment. The hulls rocker looks quite similar, I can even say scaled from New Zealand's AC72, and it has some good volume for the classic C conf. More info to come.

Images report sent  by Alex Udin. "Please find attached some pictures of the first session with the C Class Groupama.
We had 12 knots of wind and the boat behave really well, we have already reached 23 knots of top speed.
For the moment we are using the old wing from Alpha, and the boat is in the non foiling configuration with regular rudders and “J” dagger board.

Next week they should sail with the wing and the foiling appendices by next week."

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