Jul 10, 2013

A-Class: Steve Brewin Interview

Steve Brewin dominated Barcelona Europeans. I contacted him to talk about his late back injury, the Class new developments , the Nikita , his Brewin sails and More. Read the full interview at IACA's official website

"...In all my years off a Cat racing I would say I have only been to 1999 worlds which was my first worlds was the only time that someone had a faster platform that I didn't have a chance to get on. Ever since then it was possible to get on a fast platform . 

I did wait till 2001 before I got one off these boats . Also the Nikita was present in the 2001 Worlds and it has just had small changes over the years to keep it up to scratch , foils , stiffer , now T foils and trenched in traveller track makes it easier to get on the trapeze. It goes to show how smart Nils Bunkenburg is when it comes to A cat design...."

Full Interview at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/249
Images Cristayn Fletcher.