Jul 10, 2013

F18 Worlds 2013 @Grosseto: Redress & Lead for Heemskerk-Tentij

Really nice news for Mischa & Bastiaan, yesterday I reported they were excelling as always, with two bullets but an unexpected or forced problem/error hold them back (as always) for the moment. With the dsq off, they went directly to take the lead. Right now the fleet is racing 3rd day,
Complete report at the Worlds official website: 2013.f18worlds.com

A request for redress for the disqualification was made,” chairman of the race committee Costanzo Villa declared. “Although the race committee boat at the finish was anchored, it wasn’t holding well and was using engine power to try to maintain its position, with the result that it wasn’t completely still. As a result, it wasn’t the competitor’s boat that hit it but the other way around. Once these facts had been verified, the competitor’s boat’s original position was reinstated.

Updated Results (now racing 3rd day) at http://www.compagniadellavelagrosseto.it/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/09_07_PROVISIONAL.pdf
More images from the event by the Organization at:  2013.f18worlds.com
In other news , guess what? ETNZ raced solo again...And good news for Artemis as they are taking big blue out . Check AC34 updates on the twitter bar to the right.