May 14, 2013

RBYAC: Germans out... Who is in?

It seems that the German Youth team has cancelled their participation on the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup on safety doubts . This is part of the self responsibility sailors have when entering or not a regatta, to put themselves in x situation or not. It is their right and of course part of the rules. 

I can tell you  that racing beachcats like H16 or F18 has its risks too, and not even in high winds. The closest I've been was getting stuck my head down and submerged while  hanging from the trapeze with the cat still going for some long, too long seconds.... 

F18s , Tornado,  N17 , F20c and others can reach 20knots of speed, pitchs are hard  and you put yourself in some hairy situations in the breeze.  A Tornado sailor died in an Olympic trial event after capsizing and getting trapped with his harness and boat lines. Quick release systems are now a must.  
In 1999 Americas Cup training a sailor got a deadly hit on a hardware failure. I've seen supposedly safe Americas Cup boats breaking in two and sinking, dismasting and more while racing , and the list goes on.

So there is always a risk while going out beyond having a perfect contingency plan.

With this said I'm sure some other teams will be eager to participate in their place. The AC45s have been racing for years now, and have shown to be pretty reliable in any condition.
I think is still a viable event with additional security & logistic measures that an event of this size should and can  guarantee and maybe some upper wind limits as is going to blow more than the trials.

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