May 14, 2013

There are Good Days and Bad Days

The other day I sent a message to a member of the team with just 2 lines showing my support, and remarking that if they decided to continue it was going to be the best way to honor Andrew.
C-Class guru Steve Clark put some good words in perspective in Will Clark's Sail blog

By Steve Clark
"There are good days and bad days. Then there are days that are truly dreadful, when all the optimism and progress you have nurtured is broken and lost. When this is compounded by the death of a beloved comrade, the loss seems unbearable and will test the limits of faith and endurance.  Artemis Racing is at a time that will tax their characters to the limit.  We wish them all the strength and sprit to endure, recover and overcome.

Too much is said about the choice, about how the decision to put oneself in harms way,

is optional. I don’t think that is a particularly true or useful way to think about it. Talent isn’t optional. Doing what you are best at isn’t a choice; at least it isn’t to the truly gifted. Genius is an appetite that demands satisfaction. Andrew Simpson was sailing on Artemis because his talent demanded he be there. He would not have been “Bart” anywhere else.
If there is any comfort in this, his death wasn’t the result of random chance, but pursuing the highest goals in his field of genius.  He wasn’t struck down crossing the street, or by an infection, or any of the other simple mortalities of the day to day. He didn’t lose his leg waiting for his sister to finish the Boston Marathon.  If there is an honorable way to die, and if that matters, Andrew Simpson died well.

One of the things that sport enables is the chance to aspire to be the best people we can be.  The test for Artemis Racing is now not the one they envisioned when they started their campaign for the America’s Cup. To carry on, to prepare the new boat, and compete in the Louis Vuiton Series after yesterday is now far greater and ultimately far more noble challenge.  We wish them all the best."

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