May 15, 2013

DNA & Misha Heemskerk = Production Racing Foiling Beachcat

All images by Denis Lucci...speaking about being at the right place at the right moment! -- The wait & speculation on when we will have a production beachcat capable of a stable flight is over.

This means that it will win all races/regattas? Not yet, as Mischa dominated downwind in the breeze at Hyeres ending with two bullets, but the combined conditions with calms didn´t summed up for winning the event that went to Bob Baier with a Nikita (12yrs design by Nils Bunkenburg). Mischa ended 6th.

But of course the combination of Mischa new acquired or transferred skills to the A-Class are helping DNA to have a too powerful racing package.

Next events and the European will provide more data on the effectiveness of this Flying mode.

But Beyond any

Class and racing analysis, at first glance when I saw the entire sequence I just went "WTF!" ...

Perfect flight and lets wait for some video in the future.  Great technical work done by PJ and Arno, with Mischa applying his catsailing experience to produce a real milestone in our sport. Congrats guys and keep up the good work.

Raphael Censier might get additional incentives now to finish his work, as he has the skills already.

Entire image sequence 68 images at  Denis Lucci. fb

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