May 15, 2013

DNA Racing Flight

Report by Arno Terra from DNA. More info & pics will follow. Image Denis Lucci.

"Although Mischa demolished the fleet downwind in the races wiht a bit of breeze only a few people did see him fly. This pic might even be mistaken for a jump, therefore more pics later in which you will see a stable flight.

Roeland and I got a clinic by Mischa last Sunday when the races were cancelled and he taught us how to fly and keep control. If you do it wrong the boat becomes a wild animal and you start making aggressive jumps. If you do it right you can control the boat easy in 24 knots of breeze. It is unbelievable how well we could control the boat downwind. Flying makes life easier and the current wind limit becomes a joke.

You have to adjust the way you sail downwind but then you can control the height/heave with steering and sheet tension. If you do it right you will sail 10-15 degrees deeper and beat the angles of an F18."

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