Apr 22, 2013

ETNZ & Oracle AC72 MKII: Follow the Leader

What you are seeing here is this (click image):
- Images backgrounds are from Oracle & ETNZ Boats #2
- CADs are the same I made for the renders I once published and are both Oracle & ETNZ Boats #1

- ETNZ MKII Hull and dagger/beams positions are a ""Copy-Paste"" of their MK1 Version.

- Oracle MKII Hull has a subtle bow freeboard difference.
- Oracle MKII Dagger Case AND Front Beam positions are a Copy-Paste , without any quote whatsoever, of ETNZ Boats foil/beam position setups.

Oracle will gain structural stiffness moving the front beam forward, and thus they will reduce the scary flex even more.
Basically ETNZ won the design game since day 1. If  ETNZ wins the LV and if conditions at the Finals are the ones expected... well you know what is going to happen....
Images: Oracle MKII: Kitemare (Check his album here) from SA Forums (I posted this combo there first)  and  ETNZ MKII : Chris Cameron.

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