Apr 22, 2013

Hyeres World Cup: Groeneveld-Begemann lead after 2 races

Calm wind conditions today at Hyeres, 2 completed with a third that was cancelled in mid race.  Renee Groenelved & Charlie Begemann kept the Palma flow intact and started Hyeres leading the fleet. Regarding the 'Heavyweights' debut, Cammas had the best one with an 8 & 4th.  2 x F18 World Champ, Coen de Koning crewing for Elke Delnooz who already race at Palma with Heemskerk, are currently 11th overall and Petitjean-Backes 19th.  Cammas is having a full agenda with the C-Class , Luna Rossa training, now the Olympics and surely next ACup with his own team.

The french teams as the dutchs have quite a lineup. Lets wait for the end of the week to asses the 'rookies', although Rio will possibly have calm weather conditions, the qualification events are going to be held for sure in more wind, where the N17 becomes more tricky and boat handling is key. Images: Jean Marie Liot / DPPI / FFVOILE - Cammas / Fleet / Backes / Fleet

Full results at sof.ffvoile.net/results/nacra.htm

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