Mar 6, 2013

M32 Cup

CSN: Several OD circuits being organized this year, it seems 30' cats are replacing old monohull as choices for new events. But what I would like to see is a Formula 30 Class , where the M32, the GC32 and the SL33 can race together, that would be a great circuit, and maybe replacing the X40s? Which the Exss would choose? We need some trials a la Santander.... |
Sent by Peter Gustafsson - "I'm project manager for M32 Cup, a Scandinavian multihull Cup in Marström 32. For 2013 we will have 6 boats, including olympic champion Fredrik Lööf who came from Star, plus Göran Marström himself and some other great sailors.

We will be racing in Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. Will be great fun.
We had some people visiting Garda, where two of the teams are doing their winter training. Here's the result on videos.

We have all seen the M32. Reasonably cool boat for sure. But how does it feel? Can it  perform in high winds? More importantly, does it fly? As keen and rather lazy F18 sailor I was very glad to be able to spend some time on Lake Garda to try out the M32 with Fredrik Lööf, Martin Strandberg, Lotta Harrysson and Andy. Conditions were wet and sometimes horrendous. The company of the friendly team and the Italian food made it all worth it. And more.

This thing flies. We sailed it in windy conditions with two reefs and accordingly no kite (not that it wasn’t considered the mast simply isn’t up for it with two reefs in the main). The boat feels rock solid and very stiff. It somehow hovers over the chop. Not on any occasion did we experience any diving tendency (not even on two reefs and full bear away).

If you put the daggers down enough on the downwind you can for sure trigger foiling (and only the future will tell what is fast and not. I am sure the crews will have a blast finding out.) One day we sailed the M32 back-to-back with a F18 and never ever have a F18 felt so small and wet. I would say the M32 probably can deliver passion just like something street-legal on four wheels from Italy (and I am not thinking of Fiat save for perhaps their ownership..).

This cat takes a bit more effort (and money) than other rides, but at the end of the day when everything comes together.. Magic, passion and fun."

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