Mar 6, 2013

2013 F18 Worlds: Charter Boats

Good initiative from the organizers. I think this should be pushed forward in the future to a similar arrangement Hobie had for their past H16 Worlds, like Playa del Carmen 2004, where Hobie provided 60 brand new boats, of course all were sold afterwards, as they could be offered at discount prices, I took one back to Mexico DF while living there.

The F18 builders & local dealers can use the system AHPC US & Nacra did at LA, offering new boats to charter, recovering part of the cost, and then selling them at discount price after the worlds. 

Making a win-win scenario for  the organizers, foreign sailors wanting to travel and the local dealer/fleet. You might even take the boat home.

Ugo Ferrari , VP F18 Italy, will be coordinating alternatives for charter boats requests.
Contact him at:    ugo (at) catsailing (dot) it
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Hobie Italy : Bolsena Yacthing

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