Jan 16, 2013

Argentina ACup Youth Team: Do you have what it Takes?

We don´t have a local big cat here in Argentina for them to train, glad we have the F18 fleet now,  where all these 29er, 420, Opti young sailors made they first steps on multihulls.
But the lack of big cats wont stop them, they are training mostly on F18s and J24s for team building, and physical training every single day.

Right now they are the best crews of the fleet, and every year the local F18 gets more talented youth, that are going to the future of the Arg Catamaran Racing Armada folowing the Lange-espinola legacy.

Right now I'm trying to help them to book a training 32' feet, nothing confirmed yet,   but I hope we can close the deal this week as the trials starts February 15 at SF.

 Having in mind that some teams already fail to confirm, the Argentine youths are fully committed for the trials, and beyond final results, they will have lifetime experience that will mark them for ever.

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