Jan 15, 2013

'2012 CSN Sailor of the Year' for Olivier Backes ..& Matthieu Vandame

As we described in his achievement list, and Bundock also noted on the poll, the 2012 Triple Crown went to Olivier Backes. Matthew Vandame contributed with two of those titles and also was 2nd at the F18 Europeans, making his performance almost as perfect.

Backes Triple Crown 2012:
- Europeans 2012 At Canaria (with Arnaud Jarlegan, Matthew was 2nd)
- Eurocat at Carnac with Matthew Vandame
- F18 Worlds at LA with Matthiew Vandame

647 unique votes you can check votes at https://www.facebook.com/catsailingnews.
317 Oliver Backes
267 Mischa Heemskerk
63 Carolijn Brouwer

Olivier Backes is voted "2012 CSN Sailor of the Year"

Mischa also was elected president of the Dutch F18 Assoc and Carolijn contributed and always present on the isaf meetings. Another sailor I didn´t put on the poll was Andrew Landenberger with an A-Cat European crown , a 2nd behind Mischa at IslaMorada Worlds and an elected Chair position on the A-Class Assoc.
John Williams was mentioned also on bringing the F18 Worlds to America for the first time.
So Next year people can send their candidates not only on their water achievements, but on their contribution for the sport, or we can have two separate Polls.

Congrats Olivier and Matthew for a great and perfect year, this Triple Crown is going to be hard to achieve for others in the future. Backes campaigning with Ingrid PetitJean for Rio 2016, and I think Matthew also will with Audrey Ogerau.


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