Dec 20, 2012

C-Class Cup: May 22 - 26 at Quiberon, France

Franck Cammas will be racing C-Class , Nacra 17, AC45s and any other two hulls he can grab on the way.... -----

By Nicolas Felix/Will Clark -- C Class Cup. Quiberon, France (December 19th, 2012) - At the 2012 International Boat Show in Paris, Challenge France, the French challenger for the 2013 International C Class Catamaran Championship (ICCCC) in partnership with the French National Sailing Centre (Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques - ENVSN), announced details about the C Class Cup: the first French C Class Catamaran sailing event. Image Christophe Launay.

The C Class Cup will take place at the ENVSN – Saint-Pierre-Quiberon, France, from 22nd to the 26th of May 2013.
4 sailing teams already registered for the C Class Cup including Swiss team HYDROS with Jérémie Lagarrigue, the French GROUPAMA team with Franck Cammas and the French CHALLENGE FRANCE team with Karine Fauconnier and Gwénolé Gahinet.

The event lasting 4 days will include 3 types of racing format: Fleet Races, Match Racing and Speed Matches. It will be a unique opportunity for the teams to compete, train and see how their boats measure up in the same sort of environment that they will encounter during the ICCCC, the class’s world championship in Falmouth, UK in September 2013.

The C Class Cup promises to be an important event in the spring of 2013. To support the promotion and organization of the C Class Cup, the organization is seeking a title sponsor and technical partners.

Quote from Steve Clark : President of the C Class Association
"France has been at the vanguard of multihull development for many years, yet has been absent from the C Class competition which has always been the most advanced multihull class [...]. We hope this regatta is the start of a new union between the French passion for speed and development with the C Class which has been the principle proving ground for new multihull technology."

About the C Class Cup
Dates: 22nd to 26th of May 2013
Where : Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques (ENVSN)
Beg Rohu - 56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon - France

About the C Class Catamaran
The C Class Catamaran is a very Open Class: The boat has to be a catamaran, with a 27.87 m² max sail surface (300 square feet), a 7.62 m max length (25 feet), 4.267 m max width (14 feet) and a crew of two.
This Class has been one of the most open and innovative over the past few years. Among recent One Design trends, the C Class remains the most innovative from a design and technological perspective, strengthening the interest of the boat and encouraging sailing enthusiasts from around the world to compete.
As an example, whereas wingsails only recently appeared in the America’s Cup with the AC45 and AC72 catamarans, wingsails have equipped C Class Catamarans since 1972.

About Challenge France
Challenge France team comprises Karine Fauconnier, Gwenolé Gahinet, Hervé Penfornis and Benjamin Muyl. The team has been training at the ENVSN, around Quiberon Bay for 18 months with Patient Lady VI, a legendary C Class Catamaran.
Challenge France has been backed by ABM Manutention since July 2012. The team is still looking for additional partners and sponsors to continue ongoing developments and in particular to start the construction of a new generation of C Class Catamaran for the 2013 program.

About the Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques (ENVSN)
The French National Sailing Centre (Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques) is a major historical player in the world of French sailing and has been involved in all areas of sailing as a sport: training, education and competitions ... This centre is defined as a centre of excellence in France and is one of the key assets for the French Sailing Federation (Fédération Française de Voile) for the training of top class athletes for the Olympics, Paralympics, and inshore sailing events, including Match Racing.
Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques
Beg Rohu - 56510 Saint-Pierre Quiberon - France

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