Dec 20, 2012

Last Post before the New Era?

It seems the Aussies are still alive, Dec 21, 2012, and all clear on the Eastern front.
Really a great year for sailing, for me some of the best racing days ever were from October 2011 when we had our first F18 South Americans with 20 boats,  to Sept 2012 where I attend my first F18 Worlds at LA along 10 other Arg boats, great end of the local class first cycle that we started here in 2006.

For 2013 the F18 Open Project will be a priority, as right now I don´t even have a boat!
The Olympics are full on with new teams training hard, the Americas Cup is going to be the greatest ever whichever the result, as seeing those beasts racing is going to be Epic.

Next goal is to be the first Argentine to race in an A-Class Worlds, I'm already the first to participate in a Hobie 16 one, back in 2004 at Mexico. C-Class next?

The importance of being the "first" is only related on opening new paths and alternatives as we did here with the F18, looking upto legends in the big leagues like Santi Lange, that inspired a new generation to sail Cats in Argentina with his Tornado Olympic Campaigns, as Darren Bundock and others did at international level.

 I'll try to keep their legacy alive promoting the sport, God Willing.
All the best for this 'New Era' that begins tomorrow and keep sailing as if omens become a reality it is going to be the only way of transportation in the future! along your Bike...

Image Jasper Van Staveren, Falcon F18, Formula 18 Worlds 2012, Long Beach, California.

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