Dec 19, 2012

Oracle AC72 ready to hit the Bay ...again

Edit: Checking the other pics it seems the beams are the same, at least the front one. ---I can see changes on the central pod, both beams are higher/ more robust than the eliptical originals, that will definitely  reduce that scary flex. These changes are a huge signal that the pitch wasn´t a helm-crew error, you don´t have to be a genius a la Juan K or Fischer to see that something was wrong with that soft platform, and  I bet boat #2 will have more volume. Beyond details, good to have them ready to fight, no doubt they are stronger team now --

Full report OracleRacing “We’ve used the time to really reassess the entire program, to be more realistic about our planning, to be careful not to try to do too much, but to do everything that’s important and critical to development,” Simmer said. “We’ve become more mindful of the risks.” --

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