Sep 3, 2012

F18 Worlds @Long Beach: The Place to be

We arrived on Saturday, coming to ABYC we saw one of Falcons on the trailer, and we were glad our ride was already there. It looked really nice.

Today, we end the assembly with John Williams help (he will be riding the other Falcon) , Jill Nickerson super supply store support and went for a ride on good winds and waves. With my crew Gustavo Rizzi, we sailed and test in 2006 the 1st F18 in Arg that I built, so being again sailing our first F18 Worlds together is a great feeling.

The Falcon as expected had a super smooth ride, we both like it. Lots of trimming/tuning to do, but Gill, get ready for some F18 rides at Belguim soon.

Met many people that I have talked at large on mails/skype, it was really a strange feeling, as for ie Mischa told me "Hey Martin, for me you were a Website".
At the end of the day we had some good talk with Esteban Blando and Bastiaan on the Cirrus R, with John Casey on his projects, with Macca on tech aspects and... I have a list of people to me yet.. Having these top guys on that down to earth attitude speaks a lot for this class and how good it feels being part of it.

Also met Manu Boulogne, and we'll try to make an interview with him.
When I built the RC F18, the Cirrus was the boat I looked for on the volume concept, BCM were pioneers on that. And now you have the Cirrus R, also a break through design with features now applied on the Americas Cup cats.

You can´t have a better place to put such an event. So I'm glad that we came. Some racing this weekend, but we were busy on the boat. Great atmosphere at ABYC, I knew as I was doing right when supporting John Williams bid at the WC.
Right now, the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is THE place to be.
More info and pics later on.

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