Sep 4, 2012

A-Class Polish Nats

Sent by Jakub Kopylowicz- On 24-26 August the Catamaran Polish Championships  was held at Sopot in Gdańsk Bay. Sopot is the nice town beetween Gdynia and Gdansk, famous for the longest wooden pier in Europe (the tribune for visitors and wiewers). Almost 60 boats took part in A, F18, Hobie Cat 16 and Open class.
The most popular catamaran class in Poland is A, 20 A-class catamarans took part in the competition.
1. Marcin Badzio (Scheurer G6, Fiberfoam, Landenberger Sail)
2. Jacek Noetzel (Exploder One, Fiberfoam, Landenberger Sail)
3. Karol Dołęga (Flyer 1, Saarberg, Ashby Sail)

Everyone from club Navigo Sopot
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