Sep 5, 2012

AC72s: Emirates Team New Zealand: Flying & Ahead of the Program

Considering the status of the two other major teams, ETNZ is well ahead on the program towards AC34.
Left Flying image I published last week was confirmed with a series, so no photoshop whatsoever.
Artemis had a wing failure and Oracle broke their L foil on the first day.
Interesting to see how both teams are using different approachs to achieve the same flying dowind goal.
Oracle has straight Ls, and ETNZ a combo on S/L daggers. On the hull and platform ETNZ by a mile is my favorite right now, it looks solid, smooth and also prepared for the non foiling 20knots runs they will have at SF.

Dalton may not like multis..but I think he is getting close to start loving them.
Check the entire image series at

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