Sep 5, 2012

Dart 18 Worlds 2012

Recent F16 European champs, Tom Phipps & Niki Boniface are leading the 2012 Worlds. Event website:
Sent by Bart Damen - BNR Watersports
Punta Ala World Championship Dart 18

September 3, Italy, Dart 18 World Championships.
"With light wind conditions and rain(!) the regatta started. During both races the courses were shortened at the upwind mark. The Aruban team performed very well with a 4th place in the first race and the Dutch team Van Gorp & Van Gisbergen did very well the second race with a second place.

The difficult shifty light wind conditions persisted on tuesday during the third race. BNR watersport boat Stavenuiter & Bruil did better than the first day with a 8th.
The first place is currently in possesion of the British team Phipps&Boniface.
Best Dutch team is Van Gorp&van Gisbergen with a 13th.
With an ocs to be discarded after another race the Dutch BNR team Stavenuiter & Bruil have chance to get in the top 10, currently they are holding a 30th overall.

Dutch team Ganseman&deHaan currently 31st, and BNR Aruban team is currently at the 32nd place. The Dutch are hoping for some more sun and wind to enjoy the Italian World Championship Dart 18 at the best!"

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