May 14, 2012

Premier League: Manchester City Champs

What a final, defined in the last second of injury time. Argie Kun Aguero with the goal of his career giving Manchester City the crown after 45 years.
I watched until minute 82, when mc was losing 1-2. That was it , over, even mc fans were out, but on discount time the equalizer , but United were still champ , Ferguson and utd fans were about to celebrate when Aguero smashed the net, golazo!

Being following the Premier for a while, as it is the most entertaining league, full rythm in every match.
Paul Gascoigne is one of the most talented players I ever saw too. And a nice touch that Michael Owen was Kun's idol.

Tevez might be an 'Argie Bargy' , but when on the field he plays all he has. Also Zabaleta scored the first one.
Needless to say that citizens from both countries are quite different from their respective political leaders and their last minute needs, even war veterans have high respect for each other and I know that 1st hand.

With that said, congrats to Manchester City, incredible final with three argies present for making history in the PL, best Euro league by far. Photograph: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Winning Goal:
Check this video at 2:38 , just surrealistic: We are champs! eerrr no...

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