May 11, 2012

A-Class, German Nats 2012: Bob Baier defends Title

The other day I read an opinion that the A-Class is in crisis due to its development? Do we have "keepers of the ancient code" there too? Others want to ban Thilo's Wing, more on that later. Well the crisis has not affected the Germans/Euro sailors present at Wismar, neither to the dna guys that are selling boats like hamburgers! Mine with Landys please...  Also someone needs to offer Nils for him to make a production series too, the Nikita a 2001 design and still top performer. Above also check first boat, that is an ex Mayfly, I will ask Jakub for some feedback on the updated platform.  Bob Baier dominating again, but it seems the Aussies still have an edge over the fleet at Worlds, lets see what happens at IslaMorada 2012. We will have another state of the art short film by Johannes Obermeir this time?
Sent by Rainer Bohrer ---
Bob Baier successfully defends German Championship title in the A-CAT class
Bob Baier (GER 14) has won the international German Championship of the A-CAT class in Wismar 2012. Finishing in second place was Chris Field (GBR 7) ahead of Thomas Paasch (DEN 1) in third. As he did last year, Helmut Stumhofer (GER 4) took fourth place; his total points result was the same as for third place.

The races were held from May 4 to May 6 at Marina Wismar. This was a very well attended event with a field of 48 sailors entered. Challenging conditions prevailed with between 8 and 13 knots of wind. This resulted in closely contested and exciting races with many lead changes in the field, including at the top. A total of nine races were held, which five different sailors won – an indication of the high intensity of the competition, in which no one could be certain of the race outcome until they had crossed the finish line.

Strategy and tactics were crucial in these conditions, and advantages in terms of equipment or material played much less of a role. However, shortly before the upcoming European Championship (June 22 through 28), this regatta offered a broader opportunity to observe the performance of the so-called ‘string sails’ in A-Cat racing. Bob Baier won with an Ashby Stratis sail, just as Glenn Ashby had done over the winter at the Australian Championship. These sails hold their shape very well, especially downwind, including under sheet tension, so the sails accelerate easier. On the other hand they are more complicated and difficult to trim and handle, especially in changeable conditions.

The MSV and YCW clubs put together a very good championship with an extensive program of off-the-water activities. On the water, the races were managed efficiently, and the race organizers received much praise for this. However, the race committee did not put all that much effort into adjusting the starting line when wind shifts occurred; this meant that the committee boat end of the line was usually clearly advantaged. This often led to perceptible background noise and multiple bumping incidents right at the race starts.

The regatta was documented by two film teams, sometimes from a helicopter, and hopefully we can look forward to some very good photographic images in the next few days and weeks. The German class organization VDAC awarded the 2013 International German Championship to the Rohrspitz Bodensee (Lake Constance) club and the 2014 event to Wannsee Berlin.

Top results:
1. Bob Baier, GER, 13 Pkt, Boot Nikita
2. Chris Field, GBR, 27 Pkt, Prototyp Vision
3. Thomas Paasch, DEN, 29 Pkt., Nikita
4. Helmut Stumhofer, GER, 29. Pkt., Scheurer G6
5. Dietz Matthias, 36 Pkt., GER, Nikita
6. Thilo Keller, 46 Pkt., GER, Arrow
7. Roeland Wentholt, NED, 50 Pkt, DNA
8. Pieterjan Dwarshuis, NED, 61 Pkt, DNA
9. Peter Klemenz, GER, 66 Pkt., Nikita
10. Georg Reutter, GER, 71 Pkt., Nikita
11. Goetz Marco, GER, 72 Pkt , Scheurer G6
12. Beike Donald, GER, 74 Pkt. DNA

For further information visit the event website:

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