May 14, 2012

Formula 18: Raid CataGlenn for LeClainche-Joubert

Pierre Le Clainche and Antoine Joubert continue their adaption to their new boat preparing themselves to peak at LA Worlds in September. Antoine was in BA a week ago delivering the first Phantom , that is going to be race tested in next week. Reports and pics later.
I already renew my passport that was expiring in October and today I got my paper work ok, so I will race Pierre&Antoine again in LA as we did in Arg where we took some races from them, although they were handicapped on the boat and conditions, but I think we will not see them near by at LA in September! These two are going to be World Champs in the future for sure. Photo Philippe Guegan.

Top 3 Formule 18 :
1. Pierre Le Clainche et Antoine Joubert, Phantom ;
2. Pierre-Yves Durand et Antoine Le Corre, C 2 ;
3. Gurvan Bontemps et Benjamin Amiot, Cirrus ; 10 classés.
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