Feb 4, 2012

Racing in Thailand, Trials Preview : She's the Boss

Carolijn Brouwer is dominating the first Pattaya Multihull International Festival currently being held in Thailand.Where AHPC and Nacra, along the entire line of windsurf brand factories are located.
On a more than key and interesting race, that is a perfect Preview of things to come at Santander Trials in March, Carolijn is showing her talent along Brett's crewing and also the huge potential of the Viper to take the trials home.

Now, this means that the Viper/Nacra F16 are the perfect choice? No, to me the perfect choice would have been the Phantom Fying Project and now the Nacra 17 as I remarked yesterday on a comment.

Cause looking at current developments on AC and the multihull exposure worldwide with X40s, MOD70, M32, S33 plus the F18, A-Class and F16 racing  and all the new cats and Tris out there, for 2020 the pressure to have two cats on the Games would have been too strong to let it down.
So having a Cat elected now that can stand this ridiculous forced Mixed format was the best choice for 2016 and a for a long term project on the Olympics campaigns.

Although the Viper/Nacra F16 can be good choices having them as the Female Multi option for 2020. And then we can add a super power, modern, curved foils or flying machine for the Open medal later.
Sadly the Nacra 17 seems not to be racing.
More info at www.thaicatregatta.org

Vipers, F20C, Infusions, Nacra F16s and more.
The interesting data here for me beyond the trusted Texel rating, is the actual/real time table. I try to get it.
Update from Carolijn's Twitter: "Happy Viper Sailing at Thai Cat Regatta. Only two F20s in front us and beating all F18s over the line. Our results overall today: 1,1,1."

No Sail No Name Tot R1 R2 R3
1 Viper F16 289 Caroljn Brouwer, Brett Goodall 3 1 1 1
2 Nacra F20 23 Xander Pols, Marc Pols 8 2 4 2
4 Viper F16 287 Jason Waterhouse, Lisa Darmanin 12 4 5 3
5 Nacra F20 51 Guillaume Laberenne, Jean-Richard Minardi 12 5 3 4
6 Viper F16 288 Adrian Fawcett, Jesse Dobie 13 6 2 5
3 Infusion F18 7 John Moret, Frank de Woord 18 3 6 9

Note aside: For those doubting on my post on the H16 just look what Frenzied posted:
http://www.rio2016.com/en/the-games/sports/olympic/sailing You have to remember that the Star is out of 2016, a secured medal for Brazil with Robert Scheidt, they lost that one so they will try to hold to the Multis medal alternative with top H16 sailor Baby Arndt. Althougn the Brazilian team is quite strong in any class as we all know.

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