Feb 6, 2012

Ferrari F1 2012: Design vs Functionality

There is a say on any type of design that experience has proved to be certain the majority of the ocassions: "If looks good, then it will work/ride just fine"
This non written rule applies to the new Ferrari 2012, of course that ackward nose is due to air dynamics flows, it better works as intended, if not as someone said in a comment, an ugly looks plus a not so impressive performance will be too much for the tifossi to bear...

High contrast with the impressive FF. Check below the FF on snow.
Design, looks and functionality all together in the same package.
There are some examples on the catamaran world like the AC45 and others.
For those car fanatics, check the Play Station GranTurismo game, is the next best thing to the real thing for sure.

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