Feb 7, 2012

Olympics Trials: The Candidate, Nacra 17 launched.

1st photo by Jeff Dusek. Check more at facebook.com/multihull2016 .
Photos below by  F18 Team Race organizer, Mischa de Munck, currently in Thailand.
More in his blog www.mischasailing.com
Still can´t get a reference, but it seems it's size is more near to the F16 than the Infusion.

And we still have people pushing hard for the h16.... go figure. I call them Dinosaurs, the same as the monohull establishment but inside the multihull world. Evolution and history have proved that you can´t stop innovation, you can only delayed it a little. Oblivion will be the destiny for those living in the past, grabbed to their ancient toys ... "my precious" comes to mind.

Glad we are living in 2012, and not 1900 when Herreshoff's Amaryllis got banned by the same type of selfish people protecting the angry&slow status quo.

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