Feb 7, 2012

AC34: SWE Artemis powered by ARG

Santi Lange is testing and pushing Terry Hutchinson on Artemis second AC45.
Juan K is the head designer and currently busy on the AC72 building process done by King Marine, the 3rd key Argentine component within Artemis.

The very best of our yacthing is involved in this Cup, maybe this can be a test bed for a future Arg team for the next Cup. We have the sailing millonaire also, Alberto Roemmers, the owner of the Matador/Azurra TP52 team.
Hutchinson said that in this training they acquired more knowledge than the 3 ac45 events together.
Another Tornado sailor joining the Circus. Best of luck to Santi on a tough challenge he will face soon.
Hope also Brasil can join the next Cup too, they don´t lack resources either... sailing legends like Torben Grael, Robert Scheidt and many others plus a growing wealth economic power, can also become a key player in next Cup as they did with the "Brasil" team on the Volvo years ago. All depends on the success of the 34th edition.We all hope for a great Cup, so we can enjoy multis at the top level for the rest of our lives...?

Photo Artemis Racing http://www.americascup.com/en/Teams/Artemis-Racing

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