Jan 31, 2012

AC34 & A-Class: New Zealand Nats, Scaled Proto(?) by Mike Drummond

This seems a retro, old  H16 tramp platform like A-Class. But don´t let this feature foul you. You are seeing the latest design from Mike Drummond, head of Oracle Design Team.

As seen at the NZ A-Class Nats this January 2012. Event won by Pete Melvin, another top designer/racer and current responsible for ETNZ  ACups designs, on his A3 with curved foils.

It seems Mike  had a little tuning on the first races as he has several dns and then went on a good run for some top 5 results  over 19 boats.

One interesting thing to look at, is comparing the overall hull profile against the current A-Class benchmark design, the DNA. Check how the elevated platform matches dna deck height.Click images to enlarge.

This in my opinion can only be a testing ground for the AC72s. The hulls shape is a scale down version of USA17 Amas. The rocker lines seems to match DNA ones.
 Will contact Mike to see if he can gave us some clues on the targeted features with that platform. Weight? at first glance don´t think so, but I need to check with Arno a possible comparison on a carbon platform like that and a 'standard' a-class deck laminated weight. Although on a second thought just look the deck material that was removed overall on the entire lenght compared again with the dna....

From the H16 experience and beyond that tramp tubes are made of carbon, they are one piece though for sure, I think they cannot be stiffer than a curved/angular beam & a deck joint.
I think there's more than weight, like lowering grav center, but weight is key there also, I  will get feedback from some top pros and get back to it.

NZ A-Class website a-class.org.nz/results_2012_nationals.htm
Results: a-class.org.nz/downloads/temp/2012_nzadca_nats_overall.pdf
Photos: picasaweb.google.com

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