Dec 24, 2011


Photo: Marcela Zapiola - Arg Nats 2011.

The Mayan calendar ends next year, if so I had a really good life, too good, I'm really grateful to God and my family to allowed it, they are key for a great balance I can make after 39 years.

Every endeavour or project I 've been involved, I have left everything I can offer and now that Catsailing takes the 100% of my everyday life with the racing, building, the F18 class and this blog I feel really lucky to be doing what I like.

Thanks to all for the good vibes and feedback, only received one personal 'hate' mail through all these years regarding my activities on the class or the blog a few weeks ago.
So the average is quite high and positive and I will try to continue this path promoting the sport and everyone involved.

Looking forward to a great 2012, as I think we have some years left in spite of the omens...

All the Best,
Catamaran Racing, News & Design.

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