Dec 19, 2011

Americas Cup Uncovered #21

As always there will be people resisting change, useless legal discussions were a waste of time in the past but in the end you can´t stop evolution, temporary forced brakes, are just that.
The old establishment always trying to keep their personal power, like some mnas did with the Tornado and multihulls out of the Olympics.
After this, only hard headed, stubborn and self-serving dinos will like to go back to monohulls.

Edit: Hi Jeff, good reference, here it is the Perth Match Racing Finals , the link goes directly to the action
Really good action, but as you said lots of umpire calls and boats rolling constantly, I think is good action on the wind. And that's where we also have a better range.

I also enjoyed the 2007AC Final, while listening at the office by the live radio channel and it was lots of fun.
But you can´t beat these AC45s or any other close Multihull match racing in my opinion.
The broadcasting at Plymouth and Cascais were the best sport events I ever saw, and I like to watch and practiced football, rugby, tennis, windsurf - surf, squash, snowboarding, Golf ... you name it , and even enjoyed MLB and American football I followed once.

Below Perth Women Match racing Finals got directly to 5Mins 52 Secs or follow this link

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