Feb 15, 2011

X40s Oman 2011: Onboard Team Extreme training video

Sent by Roland Gaebler
"The first training session in Oman with the Extreme40 is behind us. And it couldn't be better. To have from day one with a large group of Extreme40s (5-7 boats) trained together and sailed many short training races. Most nodes in onshore thermal winds 8 to 16.

Oman Sailing has given us a training course just before the Millennium Resort Mussanah designed and executed the launches. We were able to sail on days 6-8 race with the other teams. Every hour we were on the water, was therefore highly effective. Just as we have imagined. It was perfectly organized.

In addition to the races, we could also adjust with a few teams around the ship and sail trim to learn. With Luna Rossa, Red Bull Racing or Artemis, we have made a few miles fine tuning. But a few speedruns with Ernesto Bertarelli, the owner of Alinghi were there. At times, we've also had some good phases to our speed. But also real dropouts. It takes months to ensure we trim the boat under control. The learning curve is steep but up.
And all who know me from the tornado to know exactly that the day will come when we will be among the top teams in the Extreme Sailing Series. In the Tornado, it took a couple of years, but then came the bang, and since we are sailing consistently very high up. In Extreme40 can run the same way. Everything takes time. And we will take. The team spirit is with us now world class already. And that is ever a good foundation.
We are very grateful to our partners Wirsol Solar, Yingli Solar, Marine Pool PowerOne, OC and go with us into the season. It is not only our partners but for years very good friends with us.

Together, we are now in a new era of sailing. With the most spectacular ships in the exciting global series and in the race with the best sailing teams of the world. This is the beginning of a great sailing project and we invite all of you sailing in to us in the future.

Kind regards,
TeamGaebler www.teamgaebler.de
For more info on the X40s at Oman http://www.extremesailingseries.com

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