Feb 15, 2011

F18: Nacra Infusion MKII


You can search this blog for "Infusion" and you'll find several post prasing this Pete Melvin design, even before I had the chance to sail her. I also post in June 2008 the end of the Tiger reign, and later in the middle of the Wildcat launch frenzy, when it was almost comical how everyone seemed to forget the Inf at that time, but I clearly remarked that the hull design that set a new wave piercing trend, added volume, had many competitive years left.

In fact I had to assure to some locals that no new design was considered, as they were saying that Nacra would launch a new boat.
Now Nacra is launchig the "Infusion MKII" (Mark 2) upgrading only her daggers, as the rudders had since day one the highest aspect ratio of the F18 fleet.

Hull remains untouched (no need, as improving it is almost impossible at this stage of gral catracing development) Upgrading will not make you win like instant magic, but you'll be able to cover the mid range conditions where the long boards are having some performance advantage.

A nice and quick retro fit will be also available for previous boats.
New eva deck and a new sail cut, with more draft and power for sure, and focus on high end quality construction (confirmed by a trusted source) complete the package.

As the F18 designs have reached almost a stagnation point cause all latest hull platforms are quite alike and all have converged in a similiar profile shape and volume distribution, developments are being focused on foils and rigs. The same will occur on the A-Class for some time with post Dna boats.

The only concern I'm having with these new lenghts, is that they are elevating the costs in the class.
But right now the latest F18s (Infusion, Wildcat, C2, Shockwave etc) and even the Wpiercing pioneer, the Capricorn, are playing in an overall leveled field beyond the amount of $ you spend, crew talent is still the key factor and that's the beauty of this class, the Formula 18.

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