Feb 13, 2011

Martin Fischer's A-Class: Revealed...partially

Martin testing the new daggers and some special lifting rudders on a previous A-Class platform/hulls.
Well finally some light on this new A. I contacted Martin again to get it right:
- Render is from new A-Class hull design from Martin Fischer, to be fully revealed soon, the idea is to participate in 2011 A Worlds in Denmark with 4 of them.

- 2nd Photo: Fischer's Wingmast (sail developed by Alex Udin), being tested on his previous A-Class platform.

- 3rd Photo: Martin testing his new blades on his previous A design (here without the wingmast), Curved daggers and lifting rudders, these unseen ones are not even similar to Landy's or to his 40' Tri that I published last week, In fact he is testing a special lifting blade among other more conventional rudders, and final decision will be taken previous production launch ( European factory)

So we'll have to wait to see the complete new platform with new foils and wingmast (hope they launch the new A with it) all integrated with render hulls above. The A-class is on Fire.

I think hard wings are not viable yet in A-cats due to eventual pitchs, as it was experienced by the destroyed wings at last Moth worlds. But a Wingmast combo is a good compromise solution, don´t know why it wasn´t adopted earlier, as being currently used in the the LandYacht Class 3 for ie.

In Alex Udin's interview last year, I asked him about it, but of course not possible to apply this tech on the F18, the A-Class is a perfect scenario to advance on them though.

If you still don´t know who Martin Fischer is, here you have a must read interview we made in 2010. Always trust designers that spend good time on the water, like Pete Melvin , Fischer is an experienced catsailor, add their professional knowhow and no wonder these two produce some of the finest racing cats in the world:
I heard Juan K telling an audience full of naval design students on a talk about the Volvo Race here in Arg : " Spent less time on the desktop and dedicate more time to sailing" , Juan is an avid Star sailor, but now he´d better put some hours on cats with Santi Lange to design Artemis AC72...!

To contact Martin for a winning design: martin.ncl (at) gmail (dot) com

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