Feb 10, 2011

Nacra Championships 2011 & 1st Worlds for the Infusion: June 19-23

Sent by Collin van Vugt--
"The Nacra class organization is very busy organizing the next Nacra championships. You can check it on http://nacrachampionship.com/ . In the next couple of weeks there will be more information on the website about this great event that the Dutch Nacra organization is hosting."
Nacra Class newsletter:
Last year we held the Nacra International Championships on the island off Texel during the Zwitserleven Sailing Week.
The races will begin on Monday June 20 and will take place till Wednesday morning June 22. Thursday, June 23 is a spare day. On Sunday, June 19, the boats will be measured and the opening ceremony will take place. After Wednesday, the sailors can participate at the Texel Dutch Open and the Zwitserleven Round Texel race.
The championship is sailed in three classes:
• Nacra Infusion-(worlds)
• Nacra 20-Carbon (International Championships)
• Nacra Open Class (International Championships)

Among the notable participants will be Coen de Koning, Thijs Visser (World F18 in 2008 and 2009), Americas Cup winner Oracle is expected to most likely to join racing with 2 Nacra 20-Carbon's, Gunnar Larsen (former winner Round Texel and the Nacra Championship winner last year)

We hope to have you on the beach at Texel Paal 17.
The registration has already started on www.nacrachampionship.com
Registration for May 1 provides a great discount. SO GO QUICK TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!

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